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Our Mission

Enhance the diversity and inclusivity of our university community through recruitment and retention of an increasingly diverse population of faculty, administrators, staff and students, and by implementing initiatives that provide rich diversity-related experiences for all to help ensure their success in an interconnected world.

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DEI Leadership Team Members

The DEI Leadership Team includes 21 remarkable faculty, staff and students who are dedicated to advancing diversity and equity at UK and in their communities. 

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DEI Project Leads and Executive Sponsors

Our 26 Project Leads are dedicating their time and expertise to the distinct initiatives, and their Executive Sponsors offer support and guidance in these endeavors. They are exceptional leaders and innovative problem solvers. 

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Diversity and Inclusion Officers

D&I Officers provide educational opportunities that foster cross-cultural competencies in order to sustain a thriving educational environment for faculty, staff and students in their individual colleges.  

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DEI Workgroup

The DEI Workgroup facilitates the work of the DEI Implementation Plan. This eight-member group meets frequently and consistently to understand how best to assist the various initiatives. 

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