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Redesign UK101 Module

The team will look to their Executive Sponsors and the DEI Workgroup for support with respect to their ongoing work in reimagining UK 101 diversity and inclusivity modules and required training for instructors and peer instructors. 

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Implement a Student Experience Module

This initiative will help determine what the diversity, equity and inclusion educational experience for a student will look like. Committee members will create a well-informed recommendation for a model that is representative, equal and applicable to the larger DEI initiative. 

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Develop a Mini-Internship Program

Our goal at UK is to position our students to succeed at every level and lead lives of meaning and purpose upon graduation. Internship programs are critical to student persistence and success – especially for BIPOC and other underrepresented students who navigate additional pressures. This team will develop a mini-internship program open to all students that will allow them to gain valuable experience in various disciplines around the institution. 

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Create a DEI Student Advisory Group

The advisory group will help facilitate the flow of information between students and the university, and it is intended to be a dynamic, quick-paced task force that provides a testing ground for ideas. It creates an essential feedback loop between DEI work and the student body. This group will review recommendations made by other initiatives from the student perspective.

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Create a Student Gathering Space

This initiative will identify what kind of gathering space(s) our students need and what purposes the space(s) will serve. The team will drive the concept of a multicultural space intended to support students, encourage multicultural education and build community. 

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