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A Systemic Approach

In July of 2020, the university outlined an organizational structure to best facilitate our diversity and equity work, including a 21-person leadership team, an eight-member workgroup led by three co-facilitators, 12 executive sponsors and 26 project leads. Reflecting the expansiveness of our community, the university identified six workstreams focusing on faculty and staff; students; culture, policies and programming; facilities and finances; research; and community outreach. Within each workstream are 17 distinct initiatives lead by remarkable leaders. 

organizational chart
Leadership Team

The DEI Leadership Team, chaired by the vice president for institutional diversity, is a 21-person team that includes students, faculty, community members and staff representatives of more than 10 colleges and several units. The team meets bi-weekly on Tuesday afternoons during the academic year to discuss the status of several DEI efforts, provide feedback on the initiatives and help the DEI Chair make recommendations to President Capilouto on matters related to initiatives, concepts and implementation steps. 


The eight-member DEI Workgroup helps manage the day-to-day interactions related to all initiatives within the implementation plan, supports the project leads and executive sponsors and assists the leadership team in reviewing proposals from the various initiatives. The workgroup is led by three co-facilitators who serve as the primary liaisons between the vice president for institutional diversity, the DEI Leadership Team, Executive Sponsors, Project Leads and the community. 

Executive Sponsors

12 DEI Executive Sponsors support the work of the six distinct workstreams within the implementation plan. Every workstream has the support of two executive sponsors who were designated based on their role within the university. 


There are 26 DEI Project Leads within the implementation plan dedicated to advancing diversity and equity at UK and in the broader community. These remarkable leaders include faculty, staff, students and community champions who are volunteering their time to these important initiatives. They are experts in their field and, with the help of their project team members, are laying the foundation for meaningful change.  

You can learn more about those involved in the DEI Implementation Plan here.