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DEI Campus Plan

The DEI Campus Plan will identify existing areas of concern on campus relative to institutional history and campus history, art and sculpture, civic landscapes, accessibility and other barriers to inclusion within buildings and across the campus. The planning effort will apply to the main campus, health care campus and athletics facilities.


Art Fund for Capital Projects

Art and artistic expression are essential to communities. At UK, we are home to a vibrant and diverse  campus community, and we want our public art to reflect those values. This team will make recommendations regarding a public art committee and establish a fund to purchase or commission diverse and inclusive public art for campus through a 1% allocation from capital projects of $1 million or more (up to a maximum of $1,000,000 per project). 


Community Advisory Group

Discrete advisory groups will be created: faculty; staff; students; and community partners. Each advisory group serves to provide input, guidance and feedback in all matters related to the overall DEI project, and works directly with member(s) from the DEI Leadership Team. The VPOID will work with all four advisory groups; in addition, the Provost will join the VPOID with the Faculty Advisory Group; the EVPFA will join the VPOID with the Staff Advisory Group; the Associate Provost for Academic and Student Affairs will join the VPOID for the Student Advisory Group; and the VPOID will work with the VP for University Relations for the Community Partners Advisory Group.