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Meaningful and Sustainable Change

The university's diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) implementation plan is a collaborative, systemic response to a systemic challenge. Over the years, faculty members, staff, students and community champions have dedicated their time to advancing diversity and equity at UK. This implementation plan is designed to empower those agents of change, embolden existing DEI efforts and introduce additional initiatives to engage more of our community in this work. 

We understand that working in allyship and dismantling institutionalized oppression in higher education is not a project to complete. Instead, it is a continuous, multigenerational endeavor that requires all of us. 

Aligning the DEI Implementation Plan with UK's Strategic Plan

graphic aligning 17 initiatives with DEI Implementation Plan

The DEI Implementation Plan initiatives aligned with the university's strategic plan. 


 As Kentucky's flagship institution, the university plays a critical leadership role by promoting diversity, inclusion, economic development and human well-being. We have aligned the DEI Implementation Plan with the UK-PURPOSE Strategic Plan to accelerate inclusive excellence in all we do as we work to advance Kentucky. 

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DEI Initiatives

Putting Students First

UK101 Diversity Modules

DEI Student Experience Module 

Student Gathering Space

Caring for Our People

Employee Recruitment and Retention

College and Unit DEI Officers



Inspiring Ingenuity

Faculty, Teaching Assistant (TA) Professional Development 

Mini-internship Program 

UNITE Research Priority Area 

Inclusive Postdoctoral Enrichment Program

Ensuring Greater Trust, Transparency and Accountability

DEI Staff Advisory Group

DEI Faculty Advisory Group 

DEI Student Advisory Group 

Committee on Responsible Speech 

Supplier Diversity Purchasing Program

Bringing Together Many People; One Community

DEI Campus Plan 

DEI Public Art Fund 

DEI Community Advisory Group